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Places to Look to Find Casual & Part time Work in Australia

If you want part time or casual work and paid surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups just aren't enough for you, or you would maybe like something else then here are some web sites that are well worth checking out:

Employment / Job Sites

These are the big job web sites. These sites charge whoever lists the job a considerable fee, so expect to find more traditional positions with bigger companies. Just do a search under casual, part time:

Government Sites

There are lots of part-time, casual and contract positions with government agencies. The only hurdle is that for most government jobs you will need to complete a response to selection criteria to go with your resume. 

Recruitment Agencies

A lot of companies (and government departments) outsource the task of finding casual, part time and contract placements to recruitment agencies. You will need a resume and if you register with them they will match you to available positions. Try these ones, they are some of the bigger agencies, but there are many more:

Job Boards and Marketplaces

These are market places where people post jobs. The listings on these are usually added for free so the only thing to watch out for here is the scammers and the "Have I got an opportunity for you' brigade. I have included ones that I have found a considerable number of jobs listed and are regularly updated:


What is 'freelancing'? These are sites where people post jobs and you can bid on providing your service to complete the job. You will find pretty much every job you can think of that can be done remotely, from data entry, article writing, blog posting to building web sites. The only downside is you are competing against people from all round the world.

These are sites that I have found to have lots of freelance jobs posted on them.

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