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For my NZ friends..

Kiwi Section

Online Mystery Shopping Program Review


I have been doing mystery shopping assignments for GapBuster in Australia for over 12 months. They have a good range of assignments in cars, banks, telecommunications, fast food restaurants, retail services etc. They pay is between $5 and $25 per assignment. (sometimes with a product reimbursement) They are usually quick and fairly easy.

One of the secrets to making good money from mystery shopping is planning your week so that you have assignments to do that are reasonably close together geographically on the same day. I tend to do this with a mixture of assignments from various Mystery shopping companies.

I would generally use Gapbuster to search for assignments to do when I know I am going to a particular location so I can maximise the number of jobs I get completed. (Example - if I am driving somewhere to do 3 liquor store assignments for one mystery shopping company, I would log into Gapbuster as see what assignments are available in that area on that day.)

The Gapbuster system gives you really good flexibility if you are trying to plan your travel to mystery shops. Because when you select an assignment you usually get a range of date options to perform the mystery shop, and you can generally move the assignment to suit the day of the week that you will be in the area.

Gapbuster mystery shopping assignments are mostly pretty easy to complete. Particularly the survey part which is mostly selecting an answer from a list of options, rather than needing to write about your experience. So its much quicker to complete the report.

That said, the gapbuster web portal for mystery shoppers has a few frustrating things about it,

1) you can't change your password and you are stuck with a long number that you have to find whenever you need to log in. This might sound trivial, but for me it simply means I check their available assignments last becuase I know I need to find the password.

2) Finding and selecting assignments is easy enough, but for some reason to enter and submit the results of the mystery shop you need to go to another section all together and enter the job number, can't see why there isn't just a link from your list of jobs.

Another good thing about Gapbuster is that they pay quickly straight into your bank account.

I have only done assignments in Australia, but their web site says they operate in over 50 countries including: Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Australia, Fiji, Ireland,  Hong Kong, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom, Singapore



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