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For my NZ friends..

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Online Mystery Shopping Program Review


Hoed are a great mystery shopping company to work for. They have a very professional team and they employ you as a contractor. You will need to make an employment application and fill in a tax declaration form.

All of the mystery shopping assignments are allocated and and reports submitted via their web site. Their web site is quite easy to use. You can select the postcodes where you are interested in performing mystery shops. This process is actually a little tedious, but once it is set up you get a list of available jobs sorted by the postcodes you have selected.

There are usually plenty of assignments on offer and a wide variety of businesses to mystery shop. You can read a preview of what the job entails and how much the job is paying and then decide whether to select it or not. The assignments are allocated immediately. This is a big plus because it helps give you the flexibility to be able to plan your week and make sure you have more than one assignment to complete in any location you need to travel to.

The rates of pay for assignments are usually quiet good and vary between $10 and about $70 and occasionally products/ purchase reimbursements. They will pay you fortnightly for all the jobs completed in that period.

Look for store visit and phone call assignments with Liquor stores, Car Dealerships, Insurance, Banking, Electronics, Supermarkets.

I would recommend joining Hoed Shopper program as one of the main suppliers of your weekly mystery shopping assignments.



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