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Get Serious with Paid Surveys


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How to Get Started with Online Paid Surveys in Australia

Step 4 Surveys:  Email Notification of a Paid Survey
  When there is a survey to complete you will receive an email from the market research company. In my experience Global Test Market, Pureprofile and Valued Opinions will send these quite regularly. The email will contain a coded link that will take you to the survey and an indication of the reward being offered for you to participate in the survey. When you click on the link in the email an introductory page to the survey will load in your Internet browser.

No Emails Yet? - Don't expect them to come instantly, but if its been a few weeks, it might pay to check that you email program isn't sending paid survey and reward emails to the 'junk mail' folder. If that has been happening you should be able to add the email senders address to your 'safe' list to stop it re-occurring.

Step 5 The Survey Screening Process
  Most times the survey will begin with a series of screening questions to see if you fit the profile of the audience that the company doing the research is looking for. This can involve demographics like age, sex, location and usually a consumer question like, "are you interested in buying a TV in the next year?" or "have you been to the movies in the last 3 months?"

Again, honesty is the best policy, but do remember they are looking for a "yes" to the consumer question. If you don't fit the profile they are looking for, they will politely thank you (sometimes they give you a small reward) and send you back to the market research companies web site. This is referred to as being 'screened out.'

Step 6 Complete the Survey
  If you are accepted into the survey, you then simply follow the instructions through to the end of the survey. At the end you will be credited with the reward that is offered for that survey. The reward should register under your profile on the paid survey web site.
Step 7 Clicking Reward Emails
  Several of the reward programs send out daily/weekly reward emails. These are adverts for some offer or another. If you click on the email to view the advert you are rewarded with points. Clicking on a link in an email from Rewards Central will earn you 10 points. Its roughly worth 10 cents a click to you so don't sweat it if you miss them, but it soon adds up....(2 x companies x 10 cents x 365 days = $73 per year = Christmas present for little people)
Step 8

On Site Points and Rewards

  Some paid survey and reward programs offer point credits for activities that you carry out on their web site such as viewing adverts or movie trailers. It can pay to check with programs like Pureprofile once or twice a week. They have a section on their web site called the "NEXT" button that contains advertising "paid per view" promotions. You can pick up 5 or 10 cents for clicking on each advert. There are also some small surveys and other bonuses. When combined with surveys this starts to add up pretty quickly. The ads build up in your profile so you only need to log into the site every few days.

Rewards Central has a few spots to pick up extra credits. Under the section "Free Rewards" there is a daily short survey - one question worth 3 points and a "web clicks" worth 2 points. Under the "Games" section look for the free "Guessing Game" its worth 200 points if you win. There is also a banking facility where you can put your points in a term deposit and earn interest on them until you have sufficient points to claim a reward cheque. I usually bank them so they mature at around the same time and I can convert them straight into a cheque.

Step 9 Claiming Your Rewards - Cash and Gift Vouchers
  The credit you generate for doing each survey, for clicking on reward emails, and viewing adverts will build up in your account and when it reaches a specified limit you will be able to draw down on your credit. Some programs will let you take cash while others will let you take gift cards or products.

Programs that allow you to take cash will send you money by direct deposit into your nominated bank account, via a cheque in the mail, or as a transfer to your Paypal Account. I transfer the money I earn into my high interest online savings account to maximize the amount of money I make over the year.

Other programs will send you gift vouchers in the mail. I have received gift vouchers for Coles, Hoyts, DStore, HMV Music and Bunnings. I usually choose the Coles/Myer/Target/David Jones vouchers and use them to buy things like clothes, toys etc for the kids. They also make pretty good presents as well, and I have more than once used a gift voucher to bribe the mother-in -law to mind the kids. I have also used the Bunnings vouchers I have received from Valued Opinions to buy a whipper snipper and other man toys.

There are some programs that only allow you to convert your points into entries in their competition. I don't usually rate them very highly, but sometimes they are worth being registered with because they invite you to focus groups where you get paid to attend a session to talk about or trial a product.


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