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Get Serious with Paid Surveys


For my NZ friends..

Kiwi Section



Online Paid Survey Program Review
EARN BY Completing Surveys



PAID IN Selection of Gift Vouchers


Click Emails

On Site Ads

  10 pts 0 pts 0 pts
PAID IN Cash Gift Vouchers Comp Entries
  0 pts 8 pts 0 pts
FREQUENCY Daily Weekly Occasionally



  - 10 points -
RETURN High (>$10/hr) Mid ($5-10/hr) Low (<$5/hr)
  30 points - -


- Fill in your personal details and complete the profile section
- MarketView will send an email notification when a survey is available. Includes: description of the survey, approx time taken to complete it, the amount of reward offered for completion of the survey, and a link to the survey.
- The click thru from survey notification email leads to a series of screening questions. (Note: MarketView generally does not pay a small point credit if you are screened out)
- If successful then complete survey as directed to obtain the reward offered.
- Credit accumulates in your MarketView account. When you have reached the minimum level to obtain a gift voucher you can then order and receive the gift voucher of your choice in the mail. You can also order products directly from their reasonably extensive catalogue.


Only been a member since end of 2008, seems like a good programs. MarketView send surveys to earn points to buy stuff from their online store (including gift vouchers). You can get loads of interesting things. I opted for the Coles Gift Cards. Each survey is worth 50 - 500 points which in gift vouchers works out to be 50 cents to $5.

Note July 2011 - Marketview seems to have disappeared. Recommend Joining GlobalTest Market



Market View

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